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Lavanda (Lavandula angustifolia)

Some experts suggest that you pay attention to its consumption if you are taking painkillers or anti-anxiety drugs ; the relaxing properties of lavender could in fact increase the effect of this type of medicine.

Ḕ mainly cultivated to distill the essential oil from its flowers,  mainly used in the cosmetic field. It is a melliferous plant very appreciated by bees which produce an excellent honey. For culinary purposes, lavender is almost never used; however, the flowers can be used in very small quantities to prepare pleasant herbal teas and flavor unusual but very pleasant cappuccinos, in some cases also to flavor white wine.

Principale apporto x 100 g

  • Vitamina A 287 UI
  • Calcio 215 mg
  • Ferro 2 mg

Le informazioni riportate rappresentano indicazioni generali e non sostituiscono in alcun modo il parere medico.